girls1aKickboxing is designed as a ‘Cardio and Conditioning’ class that focuses on the fundamentals and basic moves of Muay Thai. Our kickboxing classes are designed for everyone, regardless of age, gender, or athletic ability. (Ladies, this is not your average cardio kickboxing class!) At Evolution, our kickboxing classes focuses on increasing your endurance while activating your core. You will also learn numerous skills to help with basic self-defense to use in real life scenarios. Participants are not only getting fit but are also building confidence and having fun in a safe high-energy environment! Members of this kickboxing workout class will have trainers available to give them pointers and motivate them to reach their highest potential. This class welcomes all everybody and at all levels of physical fitness. Anyone can take this class! With determination and trained instructors you will see results in 60 days… GUARANTEED!!

During the one-hour kickboxing classes each individual will burn between 800-1,000 calories through different exercises that focus on core strength, endurance, balance and agility. Each focus helps with the conditioning needed for Kickboxing and Muay Thai. Shadowboxing, bag work and pad work are all utilized along with other drills to ensure a fun, safe kickboxing workouts while still allowing each individual to learn self-defense. If you are looking for a new workout with high energy and a fast pace, then grab a friend and come join the best workout you can find that activates your mind and your body while sharpening them both!

WHAT: In our cardio kickboxing classes you are going to find a high energy, fast paced workout where the music is loud and coaches are louder. Our premium instructors push each individual more than they realize they can do themselves. This class teaches everyone a new, fun and exciting way to get (or stay) in shape. Class structures as follows:

15 minutes warm up (ideal heart rate 120-140 by the end of warm-ups)
30 minutes of drills (balance, strength, agility, speed, shadow boxing, box jumps, some light weight training, bad work, pad work…) NO SPARING OR PARTNER DRILLS
15 minutes of core work and cool down

WHO: Our kickboxing classes focus on cardio and conditioning, which is great to just get into shape or for the more advanced athlete. It is for this reason that you will find our boxing and Muay Thai members on the mats at the same time working on their fundamentals.

The primary coach that you will see in class will be head striking coach, Jim Baglioni, but you could see one of his assistant coaches, Jeremy Schwisow or Kelsi Kazmierczak.

WHEN: The morning programs consists of 9:00am classes on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The evening classes are Monday and Wednesday at 6:00pm then Tuesday and Thursday at 7:30pm. Saturday there is a class that is for all ages and all levels starting at 12:00pm.

“I recently started the cardio kickboxing class. I really enjoy the group class and working with other members working towards similar goals. I am very new to (kick)boxing and am not familiar with the stances and terms used for each punch or kick. After a few group classes I decided to take some private lessons with Coach Jim Baglioni. At the first training session he asked me what I wanted to concentrate on and if I had any injuries. I have shoulder problems so he gave me several substitutions that will workout the same muscle areas without irritating my shoulder. He was very specific in picking out exercises for me to do that would help me in my target areas, as well as learning the skills needed to better participate in the group classes. I am still learning, but I am much more confident in the group classes knowing the names of each basic move and that I am doing it correctly. Since starting the private lessons I can really feel and see a difference!” – Kat S.