November 2016 Newsletter

November 2016 Newsletter

Evolution MMA Newsletter – November 2016

The holidays are coming up, so here are a few things going on that we are doing as the weather is cooling down!

Cookout at the gym!!! Saturday, November 12th starting at noon we will have an Oyster Roast, Low Country Shrimp Boil, and a few more things to eat and drink, so grab your family and friends and come join us! We are only asking $15 per head, so let us know how many will be attending. We will have a sign up sheet at the gym plus a Facebook Event Page. (Adult beverages will be allowed, but you must provide your own). All of Adam Jetton’s UNCW students (current and past) are encouraged to join us to meet some of the team!!!

Social Event: Saturday, November 12th the UFC fights will be on and Billy has tickets to see them for free at Dig and Dive! Contact him directly to grab a ticket and join the crowd for some fun that evening after the cookout!

EARN A FREE T-SHIRT!!! Simply give us a review on Google and/or Yelp then come grab a free shirt on us!! Let others know what your experience has been like here at Evolution MMA, so they know what to expect when coming to check us out! *limited time offer, so get to it ASAP (see below for links to leave a review)


Kid’s BJJ promotions will be on Saturday, December 3rd at our normal class time (9:00am), so bring family, friends and a camera!! There is NO extra cost associated just fun and watching our younger athletes grow in this amazing sport!

Closures for the holidays
Thanksgiving: November 23-24 (Wednesday and Thursday) Resume Wednesday
Christmas: December 24-26 (Saturday, Sunday and Monday) Resume Tuesday
New Years: December 31st only (Saturday) Resume Sunday


The Toro Cup is November 12th and Andrew Foster will be competing!!! We will try to stream the event at the Social event that same day, so come join us for some fun, food, and fighting!!!
Toro Cup 5 – November 12, 2016. Potential match times. If you need your match moved – please let me know now. All times are VERY approximate. Once we start, we run matches back to back. Let me know if I have your name spelled wrong or your gym listed incorrectly.
1.Charlie Walker (Dave Jacobs) vs Kevin Satterfield (Elevate MMA) 11:00am
2.Travis DePriest (Revolution BJJ) vs Anthony Garavalia (Big Brothers) 11:15am
3.Chris Lewter (Gracie Raleigh) vs Kyle Trujillo (Lepri JJ) 11:25am
4.Chela Tu (Triangle Jiu Jitsu) vs Kim DaFury (BETA Academy)11:40am
5.Blayne Turnmire (Royce Gracie Greensboro) vs Tyler Smith (Revolution) 11:55am
6.Keroro Gunso (BETA Academy) vs Cliff Lewin (Royce Gracie) 12:10pm
7.Bryce Mahoney (Forged Fitness) vs Matthew Zamora (Team ROC) 12:25pm
8.Kenny Romero (Check Mat) vs Marcel Fucci (Killer Bee) 12:40pm
9.Gabriella McAuliffe (Rio Pro) vs Nicole Hunt (Check Mat) 12:55pm
10.D’Juan Owens (MMAI) vs Ricky Saxton (Elevation Fight Team) 1:30pm
11.Gary Gioni (Steady Pressure) vs Stafford Hamilton (Rubao Caricoa) 1:45pm
12.Brad Acosta (TFTC) vs Andrew Foster (Evolution) 2pm
13.John Schell (Rubao Caricoa) vs Tim Smario (Pantheon) 2:15pm
14.Josh Williams(Doshers Martial Arts) vs Andrew Bitner (Gracie Raleigh) 2:30pm
15. Trey Pace (Team ROC) vs Matthew Miller (Dave Jacobs) 2:45pm
16. Anthony Elbert (Tidewater) vs Ray Rosado (Gracie Barra) 3:00pm
17. Daniel Frank (Revolution) vs Michael Allen (Check Mat) 3:10pm
18. Greg Walker (Gustavo Machado) vs Nick Walters (Luiz Palhares) 3:25pm

That’s right!! We will be putting together a self-defense course that is offered exclusively to women. The class will focus on how to best protect yourself from dangerous situations. We are offering 4, 6, or 8 week series where groups of 10-12 women that meet once per week for a full hour in our fun and safe environment here at Evolution. Contact us ASAP to get signed up!!

Don’t forget to tell your friends and family about Evolution MMA and invite them to come take a class with you! Ask the front desk for more details about the rewards YOU get that comes with referring friends and family. Remember their first class is FREE. (*We offer discounts for military, college, Fire Dept., Police Dept. and many more!)

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