IMG_7399As first grade comes to a close for our son Finn, we as a family have to give huge thanks to Evolution MMA, Dave French, Neal Zumbro, Coach Megan, Coach Jeremy, and Coach Jim Baglioni, so THANK YOU! Throughout a rough kindergarten year, Finn was very demoralized, unsure of himself and lacked a lot of confidence. But it was the incredible program at Evolution and the incredible coaches that pulled him along, supported him and built his self esteem, that kept him trudging along in school. He never gave up because that’s what they taught, you could be in deep water and still come out on top. That’s what Finn did, he kept on. His coaches believed in him and so Finn kept on. The structured yet fun classes allowed Finn to transcend a dismal school year and continue grow, develop and build confidence. As he entered first grade, a whole new Finn had emerged, one that could take on any challenge, one that knew he could succeed in anything no matter what the circumstances. He had an incredible first grade year and we owe a lot of that to the program and coaches at Evolution MMA. They really kept Finn on track to succeed in all things. I would recommend their kid programs to anyone. They have highly skilled coaches that can teach, that build self esteem and that truly care about the well being and well roundedness of their students.

Thanks you guys from Jack Viorel and Indo Jax Surf School.