Kids’ Program

DSC00328Evolution Mixed Martial Arts is proud of our kids programs! We have mixed martial arts classes that are specifically designed for young students (ages 5-12). This is where younger students have the opportunity to learn Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) and Muay Thai from the best coaches that the greater Wilmington area has to offer. We teach them basic self-defense skills, leadership opportunities and how to work as a team. We also instil character building exercises, loyalty and respect of everyone, especially their parents, teachers, friends, peers and with their opponents.

Kids in these martial arts classes will have the opportunity to join tournaments if they want, but it is not a necessity or pressured event. We make sure that our students do not become “bullies” and learn how to handle one if the unfortunate situation arises. Throughout the years we have witnessed our younger students become very well-rounded people. Our junior athletes develop a firm understanding of BJJ and Muay Thai, and when they are ready, are even allowed to compete along with our team at various local competitions. We are proud of all of our members, but nothing beats a kids face after achieving something for the first time.

WHAT: Kids martial arts classes are offered six days per week, and we offer a family friendly waiting area where the parents can look on as our coaches instruct the junior athletes on that day’s different technique. From the first day, your child will learn how to protect himself or herself by working with a training partner, and when they are ready, we allow them to spar with each other while being very closely watched by our professional coaching staff.

WHO: Each class will range in ages from 5 through 12 in any given class. The more beginner and newer students for BJJ tend to frequent the Tuesday and Thursday classes while the more advanced and older BJJ students can be found on Mondays and Wednesdays. The kids striking program has all of the student for each class.

The coaches are as follows:
Louis Barrios – BJJ Saturday (when he is in town)
Neal Zumbro – BJJ Monday, Thursday and Saturday
Keith Walls – BJJ Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday
Megan Moskow – BJJ Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday
Jim Baglioni – Striking Monday Wednesday, Friday and Saturday (this class is mixed with adults too). Occasionally Jeremy Schwisow or Kelsi Kazmierczak will substitute in for Jim

WHEN: BJJ is at 5:00-6:00pm Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday
BJJ is also Saturday 9:00-10:00am
Striking is 5:00-6:00pm Monday, Wednesday and Friday
The Saturday 12:00pm class that will have adults and kids all together.