January 2017 Newsletter

January 2017 Newsletter

Evolution MMA Newsletter – January 2017


Member referral month!!! We already give you a free month of membership every time you refer a friend that becomes a regular member, but for the month of January you now receive a FREE PRIVATE LESSON too!!! There is nothing better than having a friend or coworker be your training partner, so help spread the word. Make sure to call ahead to reserve a spot in class, and feel free to share the private lesson with your friend to help them kickstart their training!


Shout out to one of our Sponsors! Big thanks to Dr. Gabe Frank of the Frank Institute and all he has done and continues to do for everyone here at Evolution MMA. Not only does he make sure our athletes are healthy before and after they compete, but he keeps us healthy in every other way throughout the rest of the year! He specializes in weight loss, hormone replacement, acute and chronic pain relief, and is also a general practicioner. Coach Jim Baglioni has seen him several times for everything from getting medically cleared to compete, getting stitched up, healing a hematoma with a lazer (actually cooler than it sounds), and conquering the flew! Feel free to ask us for more information, or visit his website at: http://frankinstitute.com


We are still running our special for private lesson through the rest of January, so if there was anyone still wanting to get in on this amazing deal, there is just a little time left!! For only $99 you get 3 half hour sessions with any one of our coaches, and this is hands down the best way to sharpen your game…don’t miss out!!


We would like to welcome all of the students taking a BJJ PE class this semester to join us in our regular scheduled classes for FREE, so contact the gym for more details. It has been great having so many students of Coach Adam Jetton’s UNCW BJJ class join us in our regular classes, and we hope they have been enjoying Brazilian Jiu Jitus as much as we do! We offer great specials for everyone who takes this certain PE class, so they can continue to train with us while they are still here in Wilmington!

We are about to start running these classes regularly, so get your name on the list now!!!!
That’s right!! We will be putting together a self-defense course that is offered exclusively to women. The class will focus on how to best protect yourself from dangerous situations. We are offering 4, 6, or 8 week series where groups of 10-12 women that meet once per week for a full hour in our fun and safe environment here at Evolution. Contact us ASAP to get signed up!!
The kids program is growing larger each day, so now is the best time to get your youngsters involved in the best kids marital arts program in Wilmington!



Don’t forget to tell your friends and family about Evolution MMA and invite them to come take a class with you! Ask the front desk for more details about the rewards YOU get that comes with referring friends and family. Remember their first class is FREE. (*We offer discounts for military, college, Fire Dept., Police Dept. and many more!)
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