February 2017 Newsletter

Evolution MMA Newsletter February 2017   Are you sticking to your New Years Resolution?!   Healthy, Happy, You!!! Beginning on Saturday, February 18th, we will be holding a 4-week program on health and nutrition that will help you with correct diet, proper exercises, stretches and a regular routine to help you reach you goals! If you did not follow through with you New Years resolution, didn’t start one, or you are just ready to see the New You then this is exactly what you are looking for! From noon-2:00 each Saturday, you will go through a fitness class, and do classroom work on setting and reaching your goals! The cost is only $75 for members and $99 for non-members, and will be one of the best investments you have ever made on yourself! Contact us ASAP to reserve your spot! FREE woman’s self defense: For 6 of our current members, we will be offering a free one time woman’s self defense class!! The session will be held on Saturday, February 18th, starting at 2:00. This free session will be to test out a new curriculum and to get feed back from our members. First come, first serve!!! Just For Fun!! Friday, February 17th, we will do a cookout at the gym for anyone who wants to join! We will do a shrimp boil and an oyster roast with all the usual fun!! There will be a Facebook Event page to let us know how many to expect, or just give us a call. If there are any special requests then let us know, and feel free to bring a... read more

January 2017 Newsletter

Evolution MMA Newsletter – January 2017 HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENTS: Member referral month!!! We already give you a free month of membership every time you refer a friend that becomes a regular member, but for the month of January you now receive a FREE PRIVATE LESSON too!!! There is nothing better than having a friend or coworker be your training partner, so help spread the word. Make sure to call ahead to reserve a spot in class, and feel free to share the private lesson with your friend to help them kickstart their training!     Shout out to one of our Sponsors! Big thanks to Dr. Gabe Frank of the Frank Institute and all he has done and continues to do for everyone here at Evolution MMA. Not only does he make sure our athletes are healthy before and after they compete, but he keeps us healthy in every other way throughout the rest of the year! He specializes in weight loss, hormone replacement, acute and chronic pain relief, and is also a general practicioner. Coach Jim Baglioni has seen him several times for everything from getting medically cleared to compete, getting stitched up, healing a hematoma with a lazer (actually cooler than it sounds), and conquering the flew! Feel free to ask us for more information, or visit his website at: http://frankinstitute.com HOLIDAY SPECIALS!!! We are still running our special for private lesson through the rest of January, so if there was anyone still wanting to get in on this amazing deal, there is just a little time left!! For only $99 you get 3 half... read more

December 2016 Newsletter

HAPPY HOLIDAYS from everyone here at Evolution MMA!!! IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENTS: Holiday Fundraiser for a Family in Need!!! We are helping to sponsor some familie who could use our help this holiday season, and you can do your part too by contributing presents, food, and money (which will be easiest to distribute between the 4 families) that I am sure they would appreciate a little extra while celebrating the holidays. Check with FB, Billy at the front desk or by phone (910-509-0701), or if you see Jim Radle in the gym at any time. Also feel free to bring anything that may help to the Evolution Christmas party!!! Christmas Party: Saturday, December 17th at 22 North in Wrightsville Beach we will have our Christmas party for Evolution MMA, and we want all of you to join us! The coaches will meet at 6:30 for our private function, but encourage everyone else to arrive around 8:00pm and hang around as long as you like. Again, feel free to bring a gift, food or money for a family in need! Closures for the holidays Christmas: December 24-26 (Saturday, Sunday and Monday) Resume Tuesday New Years: December 31st only (Saturday) Resume Sunday HOLIDAY SPECIALS!!! We have several specials going on including a great rate for private lessons, and we are cutting some awesome deals on memberships too! If you or someone you know has been thinking about signing up then now is the time!!! Wait no longer, and come learn more about what the best team in Wilmington is doing for the holidays! WOMEN’S SELF DEFENSE CLASSES! We will start running these regularly... read more

November 2016 Newsletter

Evolution MMA Newsletter – November 2016 The holidays are coming up, so here are a few things going on that we are doing as the weather is cooling down! IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENTS: Cookout at the gym!!! Saturday, November 12th starting at noon we will have an Oyster Roast, Low Country Shrimp Boil, and a few more things to eat and drink, so grab your family and friends and come join us! We are only asking $15 per head, so let us know how many will be attending. We will have a sign up sheet at the gym plus a Facebook Event Page. (Adult beverages will be allowed, but you must provide your own). All of Adam Jetton’s UNCW students (current and past) are encouraged to join us to meet some of the team!!! Social Event: Saturday, November 12th the UFC fights will be on and Billy has tickets to see them for free at Dig and Dive! Contact him directly to grab a ticket and join the crowd for some fun that evening after the cookout! EARN A FREE T-SHIRT!!! Simply give us a review on Google and/or Yelp then come grab a free shirt on us!! Let others know what your experience has been like here at Evolution MMA, so they know what to expect when coming to check us out! *limited time offer, so get to it ASAP (see below for links to leave a review) PROMOTIONS AND HOLIDAY CLOSURES: Kid’s BJJ promotions will be on Saturday, December 3rd at our normal class time (9:00am), so bring family, friends and a camera!! There is NO extra cost associated... read more

Black Belt Blog – by Louis Barrios

The Black Belt Blog – by Louis Barrios ***Quick announcement: The social event will be changed from October 22nd to at date yet to be set in November, so keep an eye on the next newsletter and for a Facebook Evite.*** Expectations at Evolution Mixed Martial Arts One of the hardest mental hurdles to get over when training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ), is how hard it can be to succeed. While this can be argued for many activities, I have found almost more than any sport, that there are no naturals when it comes to BJJ. Who succeeds, and who doesn’t often comes as a surprise to both the individual athlete and the coaches. A piece of this mental hurdle is something known as the Dunning-Krueger Effect. In short, it is the tendency to overestimate your abilities at a given task. The human brain has the tendency to trick itself into being competent at every activity, even if there is no evidence to suggest that you are capable of anything, Everyone who trains has to deal with this to some extent. When we come to realize that we are not awesome (generally after an instructor shows you the ropes), your brain begins to conclude that you are terrible………… except that your brain is lying to you. One of the most important concepts I try to relay to new students, is setting appropriate expectations for yourself. It takes 3-6 months to learn enough BJJ basics to start putting it together. In other words, the only expectation I have for a new student when they first start training, is to show... read more

Evolution MMA Newsletter – October 2016   Evolution MMA will cancel classes for Friday evening and Saturday all day in case Hurricane Matthew becomes more dangerous! Be safe and see you on Monday! Check out some awesome videos of Adam Jetton and Charuto Verissimo: Adam’s match at the last Toro Cup: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ds7kzgXXuo4 Charuto being awesome as always! https://vimeo.com/20197591 IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENTS: October is Member Referral Month!!! All members are encouraged to bring a friend with them to class, and when they sign up you both get to share a FREE Private Lesson with the coach of your choosing (provided they are available)! That’s right not only do you get the usual free month of membership for referring a friend, but now you get to share a Private Lesson with that friend too! *give Billy a heads up so he can make sure we have enough loaner gear Social Event/Fund Raiser: It’s that time of year again for an Oyster Roast and a Low Country Shrimp Boil!!! On Saturday, October 22, we will steam up some oysters and boil up some shrimp, so come join us and bring you friends and family with you! For only $15 we will have plenty of food and non-alcoholic beverages. (There will be a cooler for adult beverages for those who want to bring something) Check Facebook for the Event Invite or call in to get on the list, so we know how many to expect! EARN A FREE T-SHIRT!!! Simply give us a review on Google and/or Yelp then come grab a free shirt on us!! Let others know what your experience has been... read more

September 2016 Newsletter

  The school year has started back, and here is what we are up as the new season kicks off! For starters check out this video of Charuto Verissimo IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: We have made some changes to the kids program, so check with your coaches or the front desk for all the new and amazing things we are doing to improve our youth programs!! The kids BJJ program will change its Monday and Wednesday classes to only children 10 years of age and older or if they have received at least their Grey/Black belt. If anyone still wants to train on Mondays and Wednesdays but does not meet the requirements for the BJJ classes then we will be happy to see if the striking classes are of interest instead! Interested in an over 40 or a parents Brazilian Jiu Jitsu class? We are seeking interest to see if we can activate a new class that focuses on fundamentals and beginner movements at a slow easy pace that helps those of us seasoned enthusiasts stay in the classes without getting hurt or too sore!! Check with Coach Keith or Billy for more info EARN A FREE T-SHIRT!!! Simply give us a review on Google and/or Yelp then come grab a free shirt on us!! Let others know what your experience has been like here at Evolution MMA, so they know what to expect when coming to check us out! *limited time offer, so get to it ASAP (see below for links to leave a review) CROSS TRAINING WITH OTHER GYMS!!! Each month we will send a group to visit another... read more

August 2016 Newsletter

Evolution MMA Newsletter – August 2016   It’s pretty hot out there, but our AC is working great…here are some other cool things going on here at Evolution MMA     IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: If you or your child is feeling sick/has been sick or is hurt, please be very cautious about attending class and inform the coaches of possible health issues. Nobody likes being sick or hurt, so we should all be mindful about staying as healthy as possible at all times!!   EARN A FREE T-SHIRT!!! Simply give us a review on Google and/or Yelp then come grab a free shirt on us!! Let others know what your experience has been like here at Evolution MMA, so they know what to expect when coming to check us out! *limited time offer, so get to it ASAP (see below for links to leave a review)   PROGRAM/CLASS/COACH CHANGES: Evolution is proud to announce Adam Jetton is now the Head Coach for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, so with the assistance of Head Striking Coach, Jim Baglioni and General Manager, Billy Sutton, we are working diligently to ensure all classes and programs are the absolute best we can offer. Some classes may change, instructors may move around, and formats will be tweaked so we can Evolve once again to the best in the industry! We encourage Parents of our kids program specifically to give us feedback about your schedule and availability, so we can make sure our future training partners are getting better every day! Also, we will be implementing fundamental classes with a Blue Belt curriculum that will make sure everyone... read more